Cabin Hostess's

Country Cabin Gang's
Cabin Hostess's

Hi Everyone !!!
Were the Cabin Hostess's
Were in charge of all the birthday party's
here at the Cabin
And here at the Cabin were always looking for a reason to celebrate.
And would love to share your special day with you.
Does being a Cabin Hostess's sound like fun to you ?
Then all you have to do to be a Cabin Hostess
is send a mail to Tams
To sign up for this wonderful Committee

*Requirements to be a Cabin Hostess*

1) You must be able to create pages
*if you cannot make pages yet you would still like
to be a Cabin Hostess please contact me
perhaps we can work something out*

Here is a listing of our wonder Cabin Hostess's

Sassy - Hostess Manager
Tams - Hostess

Wanna know when our members
are celebrating there special day.

Here will find our
members Birthday List

Here will find our
members Anniversary List

This set was made by Sassy
For Country Cabin Gang

Tubes Used  From ...Lalla..Tracy...Karen...Debbie...Rebecca...Kellie