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Country Cabin Gang's
Christmas Graphic Hunt

Welcome to Country Cabin Gang's Christmas Graphic Hunt.
Below you will find a picture of the graphics your in search for.
You'll find them through out the Cabin.
You must find all 25 pictures and unscramble
the words to form what it's saying.
Once you have found all 25
Simply send me the URL's you found them at
along with the correct message.
And you win !!!
Top 3 winners get a special award
And everyone who plays gets something as well.
So have a blast everyone
With this wonderful activity.
Happy Hunting !!!
You can mail me at
When you have found all the pieces and unscrambled the words.
Good Luck everyone ...

The Hunt will start on December 13th
And end on December 23rd
When i'll announce the winners

Special thanks to Pia
For making the Christmas Game for us.

Special thanks to Kori
For making this special Christmas set for us.

This page created by Tams for members of Country Cabin Gang
Nothing on this page is available for download.

All poetry or writings hereby remain the of the credited artist
And are not to be used without permission.