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Country Cabin Gang



Country Cabin Gang Advisors

Here you meet our wonderful advisors of the group
These ladies have graciously offered part of there time
to help out with the group...
Thank you Ladies !!!
I am very greatful for each and everything you do for the group
I have also described the duty's of each Advisor..
If you would like to be a part of any of these teams
Just e-mail me and I will get in touch with you
about your Advisor position


Boss Lady ... lol

I guess you could say as Founder
That I do a bit of everything
And I never ask anything of my advisors that I don't do myself
As you will notice I participate in almost all the commitees we have
I enjoy working with all my advisors
Each one of them are very special
And do alot for the Cabin


*Cabin Camp Coodinator*

Cabin Camp Coodinator

Someone who helps to plan and carry out activities in the group
Can be a little time consuming but, a whole lot of fun !!!


*PSP Cabin Friends*

Graphics ManagerGraphics AdvisorGraphics Advisor

Someone who helps plan graphic ativities in the group
and helps members with special graphic needs that pertain to the group
Works along side the Graphics Manager !!!

Tams -Manager
Kathleen - Assistant

*Cabin Scouts*

Cabin Scout Cabin Scout

Someone who helps me with special awards for the group
and helps me with picking out the Site of the Month !!!

Cattz - Manager
Tams - Assistant

*Cabin Angels*

Cabin Angel Cabin Angel

As a Cabin Angel you have a very special job ahead
For you help to see that members who need special attention recieve it
Also you may feel so inclined to sign guestbooks or send e-cards
Just to make sure our members know
How special they are to us

Tams - Manager
Sassy - Assistant
Deb - Assistant

*Cabin Greeters*

Cabin Greeter Cabin Greeter

Tis the job of all Cabin Greeters
to make all new members feel welcome and special
This is very important cause sometimes it's
the first impression that will determine how often
the new member will participate
And here at the Cabin we want all our new members
to know there is always a place for them.

Sandy - Manager
Andrea - Greeter
Angel Smiles - Greeter
Ruthi - Greeter
Sassy - Greeter

*Cabin Reporter*

Cabin Reporter Cabin Reporter

Cabin Reporters job is to gather and
assemble important Cabin information
For the monthly issue of the Cabin News !
All assistant reporters will report directly to the Editor In Chief

Nursedeb - Editor in Cheif
Kathleen- Reporter

*Cabin Hostess*

Cabin Hostess Cabin Hostess

A Cabin Hostess can be pretty busy according to the time of year
Here at the Cabin were always looking for a reason for fun
And our Hostess's can sure put on a party
Especially when we hear there is a special occasion to celebrate
Sound like alot of fun
Then come on and sign on up

Sassy - Manager
Tams - Assistant

* Cabin Seamstress*

Cabin Seamstress

Now I ask you
What would a Cabin be without it's Quilts
Our Cabin Seamstress's are always coming up with wonderful
quilt ideas for you

Sassy - Head Seamstress

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This set was made by Sassy
For Country Cabin Gang
With Tubes or Tutorials by

Tubes for Advisor Cards by Christina....Jane